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About Genetics Policy Institute (GPI)

GPI is a nonprofit organization recognized as a leading promoter and defender of stem cell research and other cutting-edge medical research targeting cures. Since GPI's inception in 2003, its mission has been to establish a positive policy, regulatory and societal framework to enable research to flourish, under the highest ethical and medical standards. We seek to accelerate the discovery and development of lifesaving cures and therapies to alleviate human suffering due to chronic and terminal afflictions.

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World Stem Cell Summit

World Stem Cell Summit 2015The World Stem Cell Summit, produced by the Genetics Policy Institute (GPI), is the largest interdisciplinary, networking meeting of stem cell science and regenerative medicine stakeholders, uniting the diverse community. With the overarching purpose of fostering biomedical research, funding and investments targeting cures, the Summit is the single conference charting the future of this burgeoning field.

The program provides the research, industry, economic and societal context for understanding how all of the pieces of the stem cell science and regenerative medicine puzzle fit together. Supported by 200 organizing partners, sponsors, exhibitors, endorsing organizations and media partners, the Summit is a three-day showcase of innovation, insight and inspiration.

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RegMed Capital Conference

RegMed Capital ConferenceThe RegMed Capital Conference provides a unique opportunity for connecting the investment community with regenerative medicine industry leaders.

Welcome to the future of medicine! The third annual RegMed Capital Conference is an exciting new addition to the 12th annual World Stem Cell Summit. The conference brings the investment community together with the regenerative medicine industry in order to foster new opportunities for collaboration and investment in this rapidly advancing field. Fully integrated into the World Stem Cell Summit platform, the RegMed Capital Conference provides unparalleled networking opportunities with global leaders from throughout the regenerative medicine community. Attendees will come away with a complete 360-degree view of this revolutionary new field of medicine.

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Stem Cell Action Coalition

The Stem Cell Action Coalition serves as an engine uniting the pro-cures community. We demand that both our elected and appointed officials in all branches and levels of government, federal and state, establish stem cell & regenerative medicine research as a national public health priority. So focused, these officials need to enact and uphold laws that protect funding for scientifically meritorious and ethically responsible research that will foster the emergence of cures sooner, rather than later.

It is up to the Stem Cell Action Coalition to educate and increase the public awareness that this research is not that of science fiction but rather of science fact. 

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World Stem Cell Report

2015 World Stem Cell ReportIn our 2015 World Stem Cell Report, you will find articles and perspectives covering many new initiatives, an editorial, and conversations with leaders in the field. All that, in addition to, some of the very best updated articles and perspectives previously published in Stem Cells Translational Medicine covering new projects and advancements in the areas of pluripotent stem cells, fetal and neonatal cells, enabling technologies for cell-based clinical translation, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. This makes a compelling narrative-depicting sweeping advancements that are changing medicine in the 21st Century.

The 2015 World Stem Cell Report is being published as a supplement of Stem Cells Translational Medicine Journal (AlphaMed Press. Impact Factor 5.709). Each attendee of the 2015 World Stem Cell Summit & RegMed Capital Conference receives a print copy of the World Stem Cell Report. Online access to the World Stem Cell Report will be made available in early December.

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Stem Cell Action Awards

Grant Albrecht, Stem Cell Action Inspiration Award WinnerGenetics Policy Institute honored the stem cell community's top innovators, leaders, and champions at the Stem Cell Action Awards Dinner at the annual 2015 World Stem Cell Summit. Since 2005, the awards have recognized dedicated individuals and organizations that have made distinguished contributions to the cause of stem cell research, including stem cell advocates, elected officials, philanthropists and scientists.

The 2015 Stem Cell Action Award Honorees included Robert M. Nerem (Leadership), Ann Murphy (Education), Tory Williams & the Alabama Institute of Medicine (Advocacy), Jeanne Loring (Advocacy), CURE CP (Inspiration).

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Genetics Policy Institute (GPI) and the Regenerative Medicine Foundation (RMF) Announce Merger Plan
The Genetics Policy Institute (GPI), producer of the annual World Stem Cell Summit, and the Regenerative Medicine Foundation (RMF) have agreed to merge in order to leverage their resources in the advancement of stem cell research, regenerative medicine and other advanced technologies targeting cures.

Bernard Siegel's TedX talk "Stem Cells and the Transformative Power of Hope"
Bernard Siegel, a leader of the global stem cell advocacy movement and founder of the World Stem Cell Summit, describes how grassroots activists have contributed to the advancement of stem cell research, one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs of our time.

World Stem Cell Summit 2015
The 2015 World Stem Cell Summit took place in Atlanta, Georgia on December 10-12, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. The Summit featured a record 200 expert speakers leading 67 sessions and panels and 37 "Conversation with Experts" roundtable discussions. Twelve hundred WSCS14 attendees represented more than 40 countries.

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